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This birth defect occurs because some of the joints in a baby’s skull closed before the brain was fully formed. This prevented the brain from growing in its natural shape, leading to a misshapen head. The disorder can be because of an underlying brain abnormality preventing the brain from growing properly. Surgery aimed at separating the fused bones is the standard mode of treatment, provided there’s no underlying brain abnormality, and this allows the brain to have adequate space to grow and develop.

Among the most common types of craniosynostosis are:

Sagittal synostosis: This forces the head to grow long and narrow, rather than wide. This is the most common type of craniosynostosis.

Coronal synostosis: Caused by the premature fusion of a structure that run from each ear to the sagittal suture on top of the head, this may force a baby’s forehead to flatten on the affected side, raise the eye socket and cause a deviated nose and slanted skull.

Bicoronal synostosis: Refers to a form of the disorder that may give your baby’s forehead a flat and elevated appearance.

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