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Carnage continues on Indian roads

Even as Bharat tries to spruce itself up and become Swachh, its Suraksha standards continue to hit new ghastly lows. On an average 16 people died on India’s deadly roads every hour, painting the country’s appalling reputation of being among the world’s riskiest countries in blood red.

In all 1.41 lakh people died in the year on our roads in 4.8 lakh crashes. both new records, underlining the fast declining standards of road safety and post-trauma emergency medical care in the country.

These findings have been reported in a road safety survey conducted by the National Crimes Records Bureau and published widely across mass media on July 19.

The death rate of one for every three accidents in India is way worse than comparable statistics even for countries like China, Brazil and Russia, not to speak of the standards across the developed world. In Washington, the least safe city in The US, the death rate is one for every 34 accidents.

As has been repeatedly argued in this website, a large number of people who die in road accidents and other medical emergencies can be saved by a fast and effective medical emergency response system. To be effective, people who meet with serious accidents must reach the ‘right’ hospital within an hour of an emergency.

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