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Join Now! Training for Schools

Learn the art of saving lives

Golden Hour runs a super-effective life-saving programme, designed by leading experts in trauma and pre-hospital-care. The school version of this programme combining audio, video and animation elements, is tailored specially for a very young audience by a team of medical and communication experts who understand the science of saving lives and the art of engaging children.

The BLISS school programme involves a set of simple courses that empower children with the skills to save lives of people suffering from medical emergencies: Skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The programme is conducted typically on-site at schools to make it extremely accessible. Initially it is being offered to all schools in Bangalore.

If you run or manage a school in Bangalore and are reading this then contact us for more information and become a part of the BLISS of saving lives

Name: Dr Jameel (Programme Coordinator )

Phone: 9886301555

Email IDs: jameel.a@brains.org.in