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Gurushri Seva Trust – An appeal for life-saving help | Golden Hour Medical Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Gurushri Seva Trust – An appeal for life-saving help

A letter from Dr N K Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon, Brains

I began my journey as a neurosurgeon thirty years back, an incredibly long time in anyone’s life. All through this period I have felt blessed by the uplifting goodwill of countless people whose lives I was able to touch, directly and indirectly. It is because of this that I wish to do all I can to spread the benefits of the experience and knowledge I have gained over these decades beyond the physical confines of hospitals and help the poor, the needy and the deprived wherever they are.

The just launched Gurushri Seva Trust is a humble step in this direction. It is my belief that Gurushri will emerge as a fount of hope for the countless people who die or suffer from irreversible disability simply because they cannot afford quality medical attention. I have always believed that as doctors our overriding responsibility is to provide care and do our utmost to save lives, unaffected by monetary considerations…the motivation behind my initiatives like Comprehensive Trauma Consortium and Green Channel, under which doctors and hospitals can treat critically ill patients and save lives without worrying about whether they can pay.

However, the fact remains that advanced life-saving medical care is expensive and someone eventually has to foot the bill for the survival of hospitals that offer such care. The Gurushri Seva Trust will play this role and in conjunction with initiatives like Green Channel ensure that quality healthcare is never denied to those who need it the most regardless of their ability to pay. Our calculation shows that if every Indian citizen contributes as little 1 rupee a year, it could translate into saving 100,000 lives! Ultimately, the success of the Gurushri Seva Trust is in your hands: donate generously to this fund and help us save lives of people who might otherwise die for want of money.

It is established medical fact that if patients do not receive appropriate life-saving attention within an hour of meeting with an accident or any emergency, their chance of their survival fades away very quickly. The Gurushri Seva Trust will support Golden Hour, an initiative dedicated to ensuring that medical emergency patients receive the best possible attention, within an hour of being stricken. In addition the Trust will facilitate the transfer of knowledge to future generations of neurosurgeons and support research and training programmes oriented to continually improving the state-of-the-art in neuro and spine care and finding breakthrough treatments for diseases that are currently incurable.

A core objective of the Trust would be to provide financial support to the poor and needy for the treatment of serious, potentially life-threatening neurological diseases such as paediatric tumours as well as congenital anomalies of the brain and spine, which require intensive, specialised care that are expensive and way beyond their reach. Further, the Trust will support programmes designed to create awareness and drive advocacy related to brain, spine and neuro-care. It will also drive campaigns and initiatives that lead to the prevention of neurological disorders. On another front, the Trust will identify and support indigenous approaches to managing neuro issues, which may be more cost effective and accessible and, therefore, of the greater relevance to our country. Finally, the Fund will create and run support groups for people suffering from serious neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Golden Hour Training Academy: Promote and run first aid training programmes which will arm large number of people with knowledge and skills that could make the difference between life and death in medical emergencies. By participating in these programmes any one can learn how to intervene appropriately in emergency situations and rescue and revive casualties.