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Golden Hour training academy | Golden Hour Medical Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Golden Hour training academy

Now, Golden Hour Training Academy is open in Bangalore!

To find out how you can secure yourself and your family easily and scientifically call

Name: Mr Shashi Kumar (Programme Coordinator )

Phone: 8296085570

Email IDs: shashi.k@brains.org.in

Golden Hour trained

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in life saving skills & still counting…

  • Number of individuals trained: 394
  • Number of corporate Employees trained: 1630
  • Number of KSRTC drivers trained: 840
  • Number of police trained: 558
  • Number of medical staff trained: 2991
  • Number of school students trained: 143128
  • Number of college students trained: 6824
  • Number of Scouts trained: 2404

Golden Hour runs a unique programme that can help you save lives using simple methods that even a 10-year-old child can master.

The programme is designed by a team of experts in trauma and pre-hospital care, led by Dr N K Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon.

Just within 5 to 6 hours of practice-oriented training this life-saving programme can help you deal effectively with common medical emergencies like choking, seizures, burn injuries and fractures etc.

Why should you be trained?

Lack of skills in first-aid kills as many people as cancer. In the last one year 148,000 people died simply because they could not get first aid.

Small and seemingly harmless incidents like chocking on food or falling on a slippery floor could quickly escalate into a deadly medical crisis if not met with the right first aid.

Right response is knowledge of medically approved first aid techniques to manage emergencies, which comes with the Golden Hour training programme.

Remember, accidents can happen to anyone at any time — being ready to face them can make the difference between life and death.

The architects of Golden Hour Training

The programme is crafted by acclaimed specialists led by Dr N K Venkataramana, Chief Neurosurgeon and Founder of Brains and Golden Hour. It is backed by the Comprehensive Trauma Consortium (CTC), the name behind the 1062 initiative, which has trained nearly 500,000 children and 100,000 teachers and saved 140,000 lives in Bangalore alone.

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