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How to save lives in an accident

When it comes to accidents, prevention is beyond doubt better than cure, particularly as the sort of intensive cure required to save the lives of accident victims is not available everywhere. And given how simple it is to ‘prevent’ an accident, it should neverreally happen, or happen very rarely as it does in the world’s […]

Use your head, wear helmets

Though statistics do not always reveal the vital, these numbers are telling enough: With 4 million vehicles on its roads, India, on an average records as many as 90000 automobile-related deaths every year. The US on the other hand, despite a staggering vehicle population of 175 million (that is 43 times that of India) suffers […]

Drink, drive and die…merrily

On the night of December 31, even as a new year lay in labour, ready for birth, hundreds of people died on roads all across the country, because they chose to drive after drinking. Under the heady influence of countless gallons of rum, whisky, gin and so on, these people had partied hard to welcome […]

How induced coma can save lives

Seven time world champion and F-1 racing legend Michael Schumacher came within a blink of dying a shattering death as his head slammed into a rock after he crashed headlong down a snowy run at the Meribel Ski Resort in the French Alps on Monday. “We put him on induced coma to give him his […]