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Golden Hour gets BLISS on board KSRTC

Your ride on a KSRTC bus is about to get even safer. In an exemplary move, the leading government-run bus operator has tied up with Golden Hour to empower its drivers and conductors with essential life-saving skills. Under the arrangement, Golden Hour will train thousands of KSRTC staff who man its large fleet of inter-state […]

Cities with a happy mind

In many ways, a city’s culture is a reflection of the collective mindset of its people. Though it might not always be obvious, the way a city looks, feels and functions is, in most cases, a physical manifestation of its mental attitude: countless neuronal-waves rendered into roads, parks, gardens, buildings and, most importantly, human conduct. […]

Dr N K Venkataramanaa launches Golden Initiative to save lives

Marking the World Ambulance Day, eminent neurosurgeon and Vice Chairman of the BGS-Global Hospitals, Bangalore, Dr N K Venkataramanaa announced the launch of the Golden Initiative, at a press conference on Jan 8. The initiative is designed to ensure speedy, life-saving medical intervention for accident victims in the city regardless of their ability to pay. […]

Celebrate New Year Safely

Every year countless people die on our roads because of that extra New Year drink. Alcohol and driving make a deadly cocktail. Stay away from it, says leading neurosurgeon Dr N K Venkataramanaa in this blog Read more…

Let’s make the Green Corridor part of the city’s plan

Caught up in nerve-jangling snarl ups ambulances wail in despair even as precious lives are lost in Bengaluru and cities across India. We have the worst road safety record in the world because of dysfunctional infrastructure and cultural indifference says Dr N K Venkataramanaa in an article published by The Times of India. Click here […]

Yoga helps stroke victims

Isha Prasad was only 16 years old when suddenly a blood vessel snapped in her brain triggering a massive stroke and robbing her of her ability to walk, talk and hold up her head. In a story of remarkable recovery, Isha, now 18, is like a normal girl her age—able to walk, talk and hold […]

Carnage continues on Indian roads

Even as Bharat tries to spruce itself up and become Swachh, its Suraksha standards continue to hit new ghastly lows. On an average 16 people died on India’s deadly roads every hour, painting the country’s appalling reputation of being among the world’s riskiest countries in blood red. In all 1.41 lakh people died in the […]

Yoga for health, peace & universal well-being

For every Indian, the celebration of June 21 as International Yoga Day should be a matter of particular pride. I say ‘particular’ because there are few concepts that are so traditionally Indian and yet as ubiquitously global as Yoga…a physical, mental and spiritual practice, evolved by sadhus and rishis over many centuries of penance that […]

Suraksh Bharat News

UK, India collaborate to improve India’s road safety Read more… New norms for road safety on NHs Read more… Five seconds from death: Boy, 8, saves child using first aidlearnt at school Read more… Programme for disaster preparedness launched in Nairobi Read more… Paramedics to offer EMS to rural poor Read more… Is Granting license […]