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Lets Dump The Killing Humps

Roads play a significant role in Safety. Regardless of how overpopulated a nation is, people will always be its most valuable resource and ensuring their safety has to be, therefore, a collective responsibility involving each one of us. First, our roads need to be engineered around clear, safety-oriented concepts and then its users must adhere to its rules and show compassion for fellow road users.

skull-fracturesHowever, as we drive through broken roads, negotiating a minefield of potholes, ditches and humps, our scorn for safety is all too obvious. Every pothole is a sign of indifference for quality and every hump an affront to safety, built recklessly by powerful residents of different colonies with no common sense or scientific sensibility. Indeed, the road humps that exist supposedly to prevent over-speeding are in fact a man-made disaster, built deliberately with the intent to kill—blamelessly.

The size of road humps i

Just the other day, in an enactment of a common Bangalore tragedy, 17-year-old Nawaz Pasha was thrown off the pillion seat of a bike when it slammed into a monstrous unmarked hump. He sustained severe head injuries and lost consciousness. X-rays revealed frightening skull fractures, multiple injuries and blood clots in the brain requiring surgery. His life hung tenuously on a balance, as he went through the major surgery and spent time at an ICU. Pasha was lucky to survive, hundreds of others are not.s not dictated by any scientific reason: it is a measure of how influential the residents of a colony are: the higher their positions the bigger the humps and the mightier the risks for road users. The humps are badly maintained, come in all sizes and shapes, bear no markings and lurk menacingly even on busy roads, posing a deadly threat to unsuspecting motorists

BGS alone sees an average of three to four cases a day, which account for many deaths in the city. Yet, the humps continue to flourish across the city with no one ready to deal with the issue.

Rash drivers need to be dealt with firmly for sure but the approach has to be scientific and compassionate involving sensitization and training. It cannot be dealt with as a crime befitting capital punishment. The humps pose a threat to people driving cars as well, for they may cause injuries to the back resulting in back pain that may even result in disc prolapse.

It’s time to resist the HUMP CULTURE in order to make our roads safe. Developed countries usually have rumblers at genuinely required places and at the shoulders of roads. This is very scientific as it not only slows down vehicles but also alerts the drivers without any risk of their loosing balance.


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