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Top Neurology Hospital in Bangalore, India- Brains Neuro Spine Centre
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What is GoldenHour?

Golden Hour refers to the crucial hour immediately after a medical emergency or injury when the right medical treatment is most likely to save lives. It is well established that a patient’s chances of survival are greatest if he receives care within the shortest period of time, or within an hour of suffering an emergency. The right medical attention within the Golden Hour can prevent 30% of deaths at site and 80% of delayed deaths. Traumatic injuries often cause internal bleeding, which can spiral into shock if not expertly managed within the shortest space of time. Stabilizing emergency patients in the right way at the right facility at the right time is, therefore, of the greatest importance for reducing complications, optimizing costs and saving lives.


Golden Hour Vision

To provide qualitative and affordable life saving measures leading to stabilization at the earliest to ensure that life is secured in all medical emergencies and trauma


  • Creating emergency care facilities that works 24/7
  • Dedicated and trained team, imparting skills through set protocols
  • Efficient triaging and guidance for high level care
  • Right actions at the right time and through-put in 60 minutes


  • To secure and stabilize life
  • Clinical Triage, appropriate decisions
  • Create best clinical standards across the city
  • Stabilize within Golden Hour
  • Best affordable care near your door step